Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I wanted to pick a specialist that fell under my insurance plan. When I googled the location and my insurance plan, I had the choice of choosing zocdoc. Since I hadn't heard of it before, I decided to look at it. Wow--it let me choose the specialty and the location, and see lots of reviews. I was able to quickly select a doctor, while looking at when the various docs showed availability. Next I was able to book an appointment online at a convenient time in about 1 minute. To verify the appointment, I chose to have them text me (with a code that I then input into zocdoc). I could even choose to have the appointment go directly to my Google calendar site. This site has taken what was always a chore that took at least a half an hour to complete and turned it into a pleasant minute or two. Makes you optimistic about the future of health care.